The Conjured House – Team Write UP


SKEGNESS 14th October 2017

Purple Team – Marie and Lynn (fusion legends) Guests. – Simon, Sharon, Carol, Sue, Kaine, Carol and Karen

AREA 1 – LIVING ROOM Taking with us and EVP, music player and a K2, we commence by basic calling out and we started to hear some taps coming from one corner of the room, along with seeing a dark shadow, so we decided to place the K2 in that area. We carried on with calling out and then decided to play conjuring music to bring the spirit forward. The room started feel cooler and darker, so we then decided to use the EVP. Straight away we got some fantastic clear responses, we heard it mimic us greeting a guest saying “it’s our Carol”, we also got the name “Adam” who told us it was his house and “to leave his house” and that he lived there with his cousin, but we also noticed that he did not appear to like the females of the group with aggressive responses, but when Kaine or Simon asked a question, no response, just white noise. As the session came to a close we kept seeing shadows walking across the door and as this was happening, the K2 base green light changed to amber and red collaborating that a presence was in that area. This first session came to an end all too quickly as we went for a break.

AREA 2 – UPSTAIRS BACK BEDROOM Taking with us an EVP, Ovillus, Ouija Board and Rem-Pod – again we commenced by basic calling out, but as we started, I could smell a strong smell of perfume in the area I was sitting, then Carol (guest) could also smell this, Marie then tried to come over, and as she did so, Kaine (guest) suddenly jumped as something grabbed up his ankle, with this comment, Carol (guest) also said she felt something grab her ankle. We carried on with the calling out and and then we heard an massive bang, which was felt through the floorboards, and footsteps from on the landing. On investigating, we could find no reason for this noise. We decided to use a candle experiment, lighting a candle and asking the spirit to manipulate the flame for yes or no answers, this begin straight away with the flame being pulled upwards for “no” and flickering for “yes” (the room was sealed with no draughts). On asking basic questions we were communicating with a middle aged female spirit who seemed to be drawn to Kaine as he was getting touched and then he was scratched on the ankle. As we began to ask poinient questions linked with the house, Sharon (guest) then got a burning sensation on her ankle and on checking, she too had been scratched. We then decided to use a Ouija board – this was responsive from the start, but would not give us its name, Simon (guest) decided to ask the spirit to spell his name which it did, it spelt his first name, surname and also his middle name. Time caught up with us again all to quickly and we headed for a quick break.

AREA 3 – UPSTAIRS FRONT BEDROOM Taking EVP, Ouija Board and Spirit Portal, Candle – we started with basic calling out to see if we could get any responses in the room, all seemed quite quiet and calm in this room. We decided to try to EVP’s to see if anything would come forward, we did get some quite agitated sounding EVP’s, which we were unable to decipher. We decided to light the candle to see if we could get the same positive responses we had in the other room, this also seemed quiet. We then set up the spirit portal, this was responsive straight away, we were asking questions and we were getting great responses telling us to “shut up”, a lot of swear words, the name “Abdul”, and “stop talking”. Both myself and Marie could also hear alot of tapping/knocking on the bedroom door and what sounded like someone walking to and fro across the landing, on opening the door, there was no one on the upper floor with us, this occurred on a number of occasions. The evening then came, all too quickly, to a close and we all headed back to the base room. The night was absolutely amazing, with great activity, guests being personally affected and compelling information obtained throughout. We would like to thank all our guests for putting in 110% of the energies and effort to make the evening as amazing as it was, we loved working with you all and we hope to see you all again at one of our other events in the future. Keep Calm and Carry on Ghost Hunting!

The Conjured House
Saturday 14th October
Green Team
UK ghost hunts
Our first session myself, Belinda and Lisa started our paranormal investigation in the upstairs, back bedroom. We began by holding hands to build the energy hand calling out. Almost immediately we were all seeing dark shadows moving around the room, in and amongst us. The room had very noticeable cold spots which we all felt individually on one side of the room. We tried some EVP’S (electronic voice phenomenon) with some amazing responses, we had what sounded like a male saying ‘put it back’, we moved to the front bedroom, myself and 2 of our guests Zara and Sophie sat on the bed, Lisa, along with 2 other guests Rowena and Claire, stood on the opposite side of the room. Myself and Zara kept seeing a tall shadow figure walking behind the others, we had a few more EVP’S again stating to return something. Our team sensitive Lisa was picking up on a male who was concerned that someone previous (we don’t know when possibly years ago) had taken something important to him.

We headed down for a quick sandwich break and to grab a drink.

We then headed to the living room to continue our investigation and to see if the paranormal activity carried on. We booted up our new ‘PHANTOCOM’ spirit box and immediately began getting voices there was a louder male voice and a whispering female who kept telling the order voices to ‘shush’ and saying ‘don’t tell them’, Tony entered the room and began taking pictures, the voices became more high rate and seemed to take a disliking to Tony. We then heard what sounded like someone entering the house via the front door, upon looking the front door was wide open, Tony went to have a look, we asked if it could happen again whilst he was out of the room, on que the door swung open. Tony rejoined us, he was prodded hard in the back, which had never happened to him before. He then sat down and began complaining about a pain on his neck, upon inspection he he had 2 red scratched right around the back of his neck.

After another quick break, we headed to the kitchen where we attempted a a few things none of which worked. So we returned to the lounge and and began using the Ovilus 4 on true and false mode, whichever spirit started to use it wouldn’t give us clear answers. Belinda took a a few guests, one at a time, to the attic.

Belinda’s write up.
My first guest in the attic was Zara. We took the sls camera (structured light sensor) and evp . As soon as the sls camera was set up, stick figures could be seen moving around the room. Zara pointed the camera to the far wall and a large prominent figure could be seen on the camera. She turned slightly and two smaller figures were seen. Zara noticed that when i moved around the room the smaller figures would come with me but when i approached the larger figure the smaller ones would go away. There was a child’s writing desk in the room and Zara noticed the child went and sat on the desk when i stood next to it.We tried some evps but the voices were too quiet and mumbled to hear.
My next guest was Rowena who also picked up on the larger figure and the two smaller ones. Again when i walked towards where the larger figure was, the smaller ones moved away. We then used the evp asking for the strongest spirit to come forward. We heard a voices telling us to get out. When we asked why, there was some very angry shouting, at this point Tony came up with another guest Sophie so Rowena and myself made a quick exit.

All to soon our night was over.

A huge thank you to all Green Team guests.

All at uk ghost hunts look forward to seeing you all again soon. 👻👻👻