Annisons Funeral Parlour Christmas Special

£45.00 Per Person 17/12/2022


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Event Description

Annisons Funeral Parlour

Dates back over 100 years.

The Annison Building was once home to a funeral parlour, with staff in the current pharmacy at the premises too scared to go upstairs on their own.

There have been over 1,000 sightings and hundreds of ghostly touches in the building

Disembodied voices and loud screams coming from empty rooms,

Pushing and touching and cold spots,

full bodied apparitions,

there has been reports of items being thrown and moved on a regular basis.

Dare you join us

worst Christmas Jumper Competition


Event Information

Date: 17/12/2022 Time: 9.00pm - 1.30am Address: 128-129 Witham, Hull HU9 1AT Deposit: £20 deposit - £25 14 days before the event