Armley Mills

£49.00 Per Person 21/03/2020


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Event Description

Armley Mills

.Leeds Industrial Museum contains exhibits from 18th century to the present day and tells the history of manufacturing in Leeds, including textiles, clothing, printing and engineering

The mills in its day employed children as young as 6 and the working conditions were extremely poor and the children would often get sick and some even die,

The spirit of a Victorian lady in a long black dress is believed to be searching for her lost child.Poltergeist activity; things such as cotton bobbins being thrown across the room and at people.The feeling of tugging on  clothes .And also, sounds of crying can be heard that appear to be from a young boy.

join the Ukgh team and try and communicate with the spirits that still reside there, hear their stories and find out about their lives

Event Information

Date: 21/03/2020 Time: 8.00pm - 1.30am Address: Canal Rd, Leeds LS12 2QF Deposit: £29 deposit - £20 14 days before the event