Beech Drive Private House

£40.00 18/09/2021


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Event Description

Beech Drive Private House


Join the ukgh team as we enter this residential home in Leicester

The owner of this property has experienced a hive of activity

Things being set on fire, waking up to facial bruising for no apparent reason

bangs, dark shadows, disembodied voices, doors opening and closing by themselves and things being moved

So much reported paranormal activity

join the Ukgh team and try and communicate with the spirits that still reside there, hear their stories and find out about their lives and why they continue to stay.

Please Note this is a residential home and the owner does live there so full address will be given to booked guests a few day prior to the event


Event Information

Date: 18/09/2021 Time: 8.00pm - 1.00am Address: Beech Drive, Leicester, LE3 Deposit: unfortunately there is no deposit option for this event