Belgrave Hall

£59.00 05/08/2023


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Belgrave Hall

It was built as a family home in 1709 in the midst of 2 acres of walled gardens in Belgrave, Leicester. Only two years after its completion, both Edmund and Ann died, and it was then owned by the Simons family for 45 years, the Vann family for 78 years, (during which time they also built the nearby Belgrave House), the Ellis family for 76 years, and Thomas Morley for 13 years. In 1936, it was bought by Leicester City Council, at which point it became a museum. The council recently made the decision to use the house and gardens as a heritage site rather than a museum, and it is now only open at certain times during the summer months.

Famous for its haunting’s  globally

dark shadows and ghostly apparitions have been reported by the staff who currently work there

ghostly screams and cry’s can be often heard through the area

Dare you join us



Event Information

Date: 05/08/2023 Time: 9.00pm - 1:30am Address: Church Rd, Belgrave, Leicester LE4 5PE Deposit: £29 Deposit Option - £30 To Be Paid 14 Days Before Event