Bishton Hall Ghost Hunt – Wolseley Bridge, Staffordshire

£59.00 Per Person 17/11/2023


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Event Description

Bishton Hall dates back to the 1750’s and is a Grade II listed mansion however, there has been a building on this site since around 1086 which is mentioned in the Domesday Book along with Bishton itself, with so much history engrained in its foundations it is no surprise that it is renowned for its daunting past and dark reputation.

The large, magnificent Garden complete with its orangery was constructed in the 1840s to complement the house and is where The Temple is situated which is where many have reported dark figures watching you from afar.
This Location is a well documented haunted location with many reports of paranormal activity which includes full bodied apparitions, disembodied voices, doors opening and closing with no natural explanation, taps, loud bangs and reports of hearing a woman screaming in distress.

The main sighting seems to be that of Charlotte Sparrow, a spinster who inherited the house from her father along with the many sinister and daunting stories attached to this haunting mansion. The spirit of a lady has been seen here on so many occasions it is difficult to discount her presence.

The servant’s kitchen is a particularly active area as is the Temple and the old school that are situated in the stable block. Dark mists and shadows are often seen in and around the school needless to say many people refuse to go in there alone.
Now inhabited primarily by the ghosts and spirits that remain here, you will have the fantastic opportunity to ghost hunt overnight inside this vast and sprawling mansion that includes cellars, servants living quarters, and its own temple which is surrounded by dense and eerie dark woodland. Bishton Hall even has its very own pet cemetery with beloved pets being laid to rest here dating back to 1891.

Join us if you are you brave enough!

Event Information

Date: 17/11/2023 Time: 9:00pm - 3:00am Address: Bishton Hall, Bellamour Ln ST17 0XN Deposit: £30 Deposit Option - £29 To Be Paid 28 Days Before Event