Disused Village Anzio Army Camp

£49.00 Per Person 24/07/2021


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Event Description

Disused Village  

Anzio army camp in leek was a main army camp back in the early 40s

Built in 1943 as a army camp for United States,  in 1946 Anzio Camp was taken over by Polish troops from Italy and other Polish troops

Post war Anzio camp continued as a Polish civilian settlement until 1964,  In the early 1980’s the site was cleared and in 1983 Anzio Camp was re-opened as a training camp for the regular army, the TA and scouts. Finally closing in 2004

there is so many areas to investigate fro an old pub, launderette, medical facilities, resident homes and more

the areas are quite far spread out so there will be outside walking to reach each area

Many ghostly sightings have been reported over the years

join the Ukgh team and try and communicate with the spirits that still reside there, hear their stories and find out about their lives


Event Information

Date: 24/07/2021 Time: 8.00pm - 1.30am Address: Anzio Camp, Blackshaw Moor, Leek ST13 8TL Deposit: £20 deposit - £29 14 days before the event