Eden Camp

£59.00 Per Person 01/10/2022


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Eden Camp

located on the former prisoner of war camp that was constructed in 1942 to house Italian prisoners.
By 1944 the Italians were moved on and made way for the German captured and surrendering soldiers.
They were held at the camp for over four years.
Once the prisoners had been sent back to their homeland, Eden Camp became an agricultural holiday camp but by the 1950s it became a storage facility before becoming abandoned. During the mid-80s a local business man purchased the overgrown site to become a factory. Before continuing with the plans it came to his knowledge about the POW Camp and history starts to emerge through the once derelict site.
The 39 standing huts have become a standing monument to British history, the lives that have lived through a terrible war and the resurrection of the neglected prisoner huts.
Reports of dark shadows shifting in the dark from hut to hut have been witnessed, are these the remnants of the soldiers on duty?
Disembodied voices heard calling out in the dead of night!
Objects being moved of their own accord, are these the belongings of those long gone?
Echoes of doors slamming when no one is there?
Join us as we embark on our investigation of this enormous world war 2 POW camp.



Event Information

Date: 01/10/2022 Time: 8.30pm - 1.30am Address: Malton YO17 6RT Deposit: £29 deposit - £30 14 days before the event