Endcliffe Hall

£40.00 Per Person 01/08/2020


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Endcliffe Hall


Endcliffe Hall is a 19th-century, 36-room mansion situated on Endcliffe Vale Road in the City of Sheffield in the suburb of Endcliffe. The hall is situated just over three km west of the city center and is a Grade II

The present hall was built between the years of 1863 and 1865 by the Sheffield architects Flockton & Abbot for the Sheffield industrialist John Brown. Brown had acquired considerable wealth and prestige from the manufacture of armor plate from Bessemer steel at his Atlas Works in the city and wanted to build a private residence to reflect his position as one of the Nouveau riche industrialist of the Victorian Age. It is the largest private residence ever to have been built in Sheffield.

many paranormal sightings have been reported over its many years from shadows, footsteps, things being moved to full apparitions

you can almost feel the strong atmosphere as soon as you walk into the entrance hall

join us as we uncover the spirits of this building and the stories they have to tell

When you join The UKGH team we guarantee a fun-filled and professional investigation.

A real, raw, paranormal investigation!

Join us if you dare!

Event Information

Date: 01/08/2020 Time: 9.00pm - 2.00am Address: 81 Endcliffe Vale Rd, Sheffield S10 3EU Deposit: £20 Deposit Option - £20 To Be Paid 14 Days Before Event