Galleries of justice

£59.00 Per Person 14/10/2023


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Event Description

The Galleries of justice museum

The museum is housed in a former Victorian courtroom, prison, and police station and is therefore a historic site where an individual could be arrested, tried, sentenced and executed. The courtrooms date back to the 14th century and the gaol to at least 1449.

Executions were held on a scaffold erected over the stone steps in front of the central doorway, within the small enclosure created by closing the gates of the iron railings. The drop was described as approximately level with the lintel of the door.

so much reported activity and sightings by the staff and visitors, disembodied voices, feelings of being watched, pushed and touched, screams can be heard and lots more

dare you join us






Only 6 places available to investigate the haunted museum,

home to many haunted and possessed items and oddities, these items have there own spirit attachments and many want to tell us their story

Event Information

Date: 14/10/2023 Time: 9.00pm - 1.30am Address: High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HN Deposit: £29 Deposit Option - £30 To Be Paid 14 Days Before Event