Moot Hall

£40.00 Per Person 27/11/2021


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Event Description

Moot Hall

At one end of the village green in Elstow is the old Moot Hall, a picturesque 15th-century building of brick and timber which now houses a museum of 17th-century life

Originally called Green House, and was built by the nuns of Elstow Abbey as a storage building for stalls associated with the annual Elstow Fair. The Abbess of Elstow gained a royal charter for a fair running 4 days from 2-5 May, and the hall also functioned as a court house for hearing disputes arising from the fair.

The Elstow Fair was not like a local village fete, but a large public event, drawing both sellers and buyers from all around the surrounding area. The Abbey earned a lot of money by charging merchants to have a stall, and charging an entrance fee for visitors. It is very likely that the nuns also had a stall, selling produce from the abbey gardens and fishponds.

so many reports of paranormal activity has been reported over the years

 join the Ukgh team and try and communicate with the spirits that still reside there, hear their stories and find out about their lives


Event Information

Date: 27/11/2021 Time: 8.00pm - 1.00am Address: Church End, Elstow, Bedford MK42 9XT Deposit: £20 deposit - £20 14 days before the event