National Emergency Services Museum

£40.00 Per Person 27/02/2021


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Event Description

National Emergency Services Museum

The museum is based at a former combined police and fire station, opened in 1900 at the junction of West Bar and Tenter Street near the city centre. A notable feature is one of the few remaining Fire Brigade observation towers in the United Kingdom. Others include the headquarters of Liverpool Fire Brigade at Hatton Garden, Liverpool, and the now-closed Woolwich Fire Station.

This amazing building houses over 45 vehicles relating to the worlds Emergency Services from Horse Drawn Fire Engines to Ambulances and from Police Cars to Mines Rescue!

Reported sightings of dark shadows moving quickly around the walls,

Doors slamming shut

Full bodied apparitions

Whistling and voices

Join us if you are brave enough to investigate this amazing location.

Please note this location is not wheelchair friendly and is not suitable for anyone with limited mobility

Event Information

Date: 27/02/2021 Time: 9:00pm - 1:30am Address: Old Police/Fire Station, W Bar, Sheffield S3 8PT Deposit: £20 Deposit Option - £20 To Be Paid 14 Days Before Event