The National Emergency Services Museum

£40.00 Per Person 26/11/2022


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Event Description

The National Emergency services Museum

The museum dates back to 1898.

This amazing building houses over 45 vehicles relating to the worlds Emergency Services

Horse Drawn Fire Engines to Ambulances and from Police Cars to Mines Rescue.

Dating back to the Victorian times this building has many years of paranormal reports

Disembodied voices and loud screams coming from empty rooms,

Pushing and touching and cold spots in various parts of the museum,

full bodied apparitions,

there has been reports of items being thrown and moved on a regular basis.

previous investigations did not disappoint

Dare you join us


Event Information

Date: 26/11/2022 Time: 9.00pm - 1.30am Address: Old Police/Fire Station, W Bar, Sheffield S3 8PT Deposit: £20 deposit - £20 14 days before the event