Limited Edition Spring Ouija Board


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Quoted as ‘the ouija board Game of this century’ The ‘Spring Ouija’ is a mysterious mystifying game that has a multitude of functions that allow it to bend, twist, turn and knock. The Ouija board (Pronounced WEE-JA) has always been mysterious and mystifying for over 30 years. Ask the spring ouija a question and it will respond by spelling, turning, twisting and copying knocks to spell out your answer in the glowing in the dark message planchette viewer or by copying knocks. Look Into The Future, Have fun! And Remember. The Spring Ouija Is Just A Game… Or Is It?

The ‘Spring Ouija’
The ‘Spring Ouija Board’ has a multitude of functions that allow it to bend, twist, turn and knock and much more. Our customers claim ‘People that are used to communicating via traditional method game Boards can now use the Spring Ouija board as a new, exciting and fascinating Game for communication and mystery’.

Divination Spring
The ‘Spring Ouija’ has a strong spring at its core, which allows for flexible movement during an investigation. The outside of the base features lettering, similar to a traditional ‘Ouija Board. Ask spirits to bend the top of the Spring Ouija into the direction of the letters, or towards the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ markings to see what answers you can get.

Rotating Pendulum
The base of the spring ouija features traditional Ouija board lettering, with the rotating base acting as a pendulum to ‘point’ at the spirits chosen letters. Similar in a sense to a Ouija Board, you can ask spirit to come forward and to communicate via the pendulum and ask for more in depth information. What will you find?

Due to the Spring Ouija’s unique design, during investigations teams like to experiment with knocks taps and bangs as well as many other ways in which spirits can communicate. Ask spirits to come forward and move the spring in the shape of letters! The possibilities are endless.

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