The House Of Shadows

£40.00 Per Person 16/06/2018


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Event Description

The House Of Shadows


Ghost hunt / Paranormal investigation

Sitting in a quiet street in Middlesbrough a converted 2-story bungalow

pretty from the outside but inside tells a completely different story,

once a family home and now overcome with spirits,

left unoccupied after the years of torment the family has suffered from the spirits that reside there,

jealous spirits with a dark side, poltergeist have taken over this now haunted house

The Uk Ghost Hunts team have investigated this former family home but nothing could have prepared us for what we faced we faced. we caught full-bodied apparitions, disembodied voices and more

Full address will be given on the Monday before the event



Event Information

Date: 16/06/2018 Time: 8.00pm - 1.00am Address: Church Hill Road, Middlesbrough Deposit: £20 Deposit Option - £20 To Be Paid 14 Days Before Event