The National Justice Museum

£59.00 Per Person 28/08/2021


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Event Description

National Justice Museum

The National Justice Museum (formerly known as the Galleries of Justice Museum

The museum is housed in a former Victorian courtroom, gaol and police station and is therefore a historic site where an individual could be arrested, tried, sentenced and executed. The courtrooms date back to the 14th century and the gaol to at least 1449

The earliest confirmed use of the site for official purposes was by the Normans, who appointed sheriffs to keep the peace and collect taxes; hence the site was sometimes referred to as the Sheriff’s Hall, the County Hall or the King’s Hall. The first written record of the site being used as a law court dates from 1375. The first written reference to its use as a prison is in 1449.

Investigate this huge building, 2 courtrooms, condemned cell, dungeon and more

Doors slamming shut

Full bodied apparitions

Whistling and voices

Join us if you are brave enough to investigate this amazing location.

Please note this location is not wheelchair friendly and is not suitable for anyone with limited mobility

Event Information

Date: 28/08/2021 Time: 9:00pm - 2;00am Address: High Pavement, Nottingham NG1 1HN Deposit: £29 Deposit Option - £30 To Be Paid 14 Days Before Event