The Old Nick Theatre

£40.00 Per Person 17/04/2021


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Event Description

The Old Nick Theatre

former old police station and courts now the home of Gainsborough theatre, the old cells that housed some of the most notorious criminals of its time

There has been mases of reported paranormal activity at this location

some of which include unexplained taps and bangs, doors opening and closing on their own for no apparent reason,

sudden drops in temperature and people feeling very emotional all of a sudden,

disembodied voices and screams can often be heard throughout the night.

Dare you join us on a quest to find out more about the spirits that still roam this building


Dare you enter!!


Event Information

Date: 17/04/2021 Time: 8.00pm - 1.00am Address: 31 Spring Gardens, Gainsborough DN21 2AY Deposit: £20 deposit and the remaining £20 14 days before the event