Wortley Top Forge

£40.00 Per Person 10/07/2021


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Event Description

Wortley Top Forge

Wortley Top Forge is an historic former finery forge and iron works originally dating back to the seventeenth century

Production ceased around 1912, but parts of the site remained in use until 1929. One of the Top Forge hammers was run as a demonstration in 1933 or 1934. In 1955, the dream of C. R. Andrews (the son of the second Thomas) was fulfilled, the forge being reopened as an industrial museum by Sheffield Trades Historical Society (now South Yorkshire Industrial History Society). From the mid-1960s the Honorary Curator of the forge for over 40 years

dark shadows and ghostly apparitions have been reported by the staff who currently work there

ghostly screams and cry’s can be often heard through the area

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Event Information

Date: 10/07/2021 Time: 9:00pm - 1:00am Address: Forge Ln, Thurgoland, Sheffield S35 7DN Deposit: £20 Deposit Option - £20 To Be Paid 14 Days Before Event