Frequently asked Questions

What Will I Be Doing on A Ghost Hunt And What's Involved

Firstly we will start the evening by telling you what we will be doing throughout your ghost hunt and to let you know which team members you will be working with, you will also learn a little about the equipment that will be used during your investigation and also a brief history of the location.

Once the hosting part of the evening is finished and this is something that does not go on for long as we like you to have as much time ghost hunting as you can, we will then split down into 3-4 smaller groups and begin your investigation, during your ghost hunt you will have the opportunity to work with the Ouija boards if you so wish, glass divination, spirit dice, EVP, table tipping, ovilus, seance and much more.

You can also have the chance if you wish too, to be part of the new program I’m a ghost hunter get me out of here! a great unique night with a professional team. Refreshments will be available on our events for free so you can help yourselves to coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks.

Is the deposit that is paid refundable?

No, unfortunately deposits are non refundable but you may contact us within 21 days before the event you have booked to change to a different event if you wish to.

Will I receive confimation of my booking?

Yes, as soon as your booking is placed you will then receive your booking confirmation by email and you can also login to see the status of your event at any time.

Is there age restrictions for these events?

Yes, persons under the age of 18 are not permitted on these events. Persons aged 16+ may attend with someone over the age of 18 years.

I cannot walk far. Can I still attend?

There is a lot of standing and walking involved in the events and some locations do have a lot of steps or uneven floors. Attending is solely down to the customer’s choice, You may bring a small fold-up chair if you wish but our team is very helpful.

Will I need to take anything with me to the event ?

The events are carried out in the dark so it is highly recommended that you take a torch. Some events can be very long, so please feel free to take drinks and snacks along with you.

Warm clothing and suitable shoes are also recommended.

Do you issue tickets?

No, unfortunately we do not issue tickets. Your name will be on the guest list.

Please also print your confirmation to take with you to the event but you can at any time login to your account on our website or call our office number or mobile number.

Will there be alcohol at the events?

No, there will not be alcohol at our events, alcohol is not permitted at any time, anyone attending under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused admission and all monies paid will be lost.

If the team suspect that anyone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or that anybody has brought in any to the event they will be asked to leave immediately and again all monies paid will be lost.

Do you hold public liability insurance?

Yes, we do. We are insured for £5,000,000.