39 De Grey Street Ghost Hunt - Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire
Will your nerve hold as you call out into the darkness?

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39 De Grey Street, also known as The Hostel, has quickly gained the reputation of being one of the most haunted houses in Britain and is said to have evil within its very foundations.

Many tenants who have stayed in the house have had harrowing experiences that they find difficult to talk about even today, with reports of furniture being moved and thrown across the room as well as an unhuman growl, menacing dark figures that watch and follow you and being physically grabbed and strangled in their sleep.
There have also been sightings of children within the property which have been seen to emerge from cupboards and the fireplace, before disappearing as quickly as they appeared. The cupboard under the stairs has a very dark and unwelcoming feeling inside as it was said that children were locked inside as a punishment for hours and hours on end.
The police were called to the house by its occupants reporting being dragged out of bed and hearing movement downstairs in the middle of the night. When the Police arrived they found nothing and said that they were wasting Police time until a bookcase fell towards them which had them running in fear.
Countless bold visitors have ventured into 39 De Grey Street only to have fled in fear. Will you be brave enough to face what lurks within and will you last the night?

39 De Grey Street Ghost Hunt

Ghosts of 39 De Grey Street

There are said to be many ghosts and spirits residing at 39 De Grey Street for lots of different reasons, there have been reports of children heard crying and appearing to unsuspecting visitors near the cupboard where they were locked in for hours on end, a male presence who seems to be dominate in the house has physically touched, pushed and grabbed people by the throat in his attempt to show his dominance.

With many report’s of poltergeist activity, particularly in the kitchen area of the house, we will aim to be very careful about where everything is when we arrive. With so many dark forces being reported in the media and newspapers such as The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Metro, who knows what our night will bring.

History of 39 De Grey Street

Some say that 39 De Grey Street, which is an unassuming seven bedroom semi-detached house, was once a funeral parlour and has seen many scenes of death, however as of yet there is no documented evidence to prove or disprove this. The land and property dates back to around 1895 but very little records or information have been found. Several people have resided here over the years but when the current owner of the house decided to rent it out, most tenants only lasted around 4 days due to the levels of activity. 

The owner himself has fled the property in fear for his life after witnessing a particularly terrifying ghostly apparition of a young girl at the bottom of his bed in the middle of the night and is now too scared to live there himself. 

There have also been reports that 39 De Grey Street was once a former home for foster children. Could this be why there are spirits of children reported here?

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