Mill Street Barracks - Saint Helens, Merseyside
Can you brave the darkness as you descend into the cellar?

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Mill Street Barracks is fast becoming a haven for ghost hunters all around the country. This is not surprising when you consider the paranormal experiences that have taken place here.

The building originally dates to 1861 and was built as the headquarters for the 47th Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corp who served as infantry in some of the bitterest fighting on the Western Front in World War I.

Over the years the barracks have evolved housing many different fighting regiments until the battery moved to more modern facilities at Jubilee Barracks, the Mill Street Barracks were decommissioned and converted for use by the Sea Cadets as the Training Ship Scimitar.


Mill Street Barracks

Ghosts of Mill Street Barracks

There have been many reported sightings of a male spirit on the upper level of the barracks, he seems to particularly like interacting with females. Children have been heard and are well known to interact they appear to like the attention.

The sound of a weeping girl is often heard but little is known about her. Join us on our ghost tour of Mill Street Barracks and maybe we will uncover many more secrets of the ghost and spirits that refuse to leave the area.

History of Mill Street Barracks

Mill Street Barracks was built in the mid 1800\'s and has many levels of history. It has been accommodation for the armed forces in the past. It has also been used as a morgue during the world wars. The barracks also has links with the local church and nunnery.
Throughout the latter half of the last century Mill Street Barracks became infamous as a site of significant paranormal activity.

Given the history that it served as a morgue during several wars, its links to the nearby churches and nunnery, and its former caretakers, the Barracks has a deathly connection with those who have passed over. It has accommodated many branches of the armed forces throughout its life involving numerous wars. It has been a morgue during several world wars. The barracks has links with the nearby church and nunnery and a special place in the community.

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