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UK Ghost Hunts is the biggest ghost hunting company in the UK. We investigate well known haunted locations across Britain and allow guests to join us Ghost Hunting. Keep up to date with news and stories from UK Ghost Hunts and learn about haunted locations, investigations and all things paranormal here.

Paranormal vs Pareidolia you decide!

What is the difference between a Paranormal experience and a case of Pareidolia?

Why are we so afraid of Ouija Boards

In popular culture the Ouija Board is always portrayed as something evil or a portal where satanic spirits can come through into our world

I saw a ghost at Woodchester Mansion!

Steve Higgins of HiggyPop writes about his ghostly experiences at Woodchester Mansion.

UK Ghost Hunts under new ownership

UK Ghost Hunts is introducing new locations and experiences to its already extensive portfolio, a very exciting development indeed.

Woman marries a 300 year old ghost.

Ms Teague told The Washington Post that she started exploring spirituality after her 3-month-old son, Thomas, died of sudden infant death syndrome in 2010.

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