I saw a ghost at Woodchester Mansion!
Wednesday 13th April 2022

Steve Higgins of HiggyPop joined UK Ghost Hunts on an overnight ghost hunt at Woodchester Mansion.

I saw what I can only describe as a ghost while attending a ghost hunt at Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire with paranormal events company, UK Ghost Hunts.

The night began with a tour of the house, guided by Paul, who told us that the mansion had been the dream of Liverpudlian, William Leigh and was constructed on the site of a much earlier Georgian country house called Spring Park. Work on the mansion started in the 1850s, but progress was slow and the project was eventually abandoned.

At one point on the tour I was stood with the rest of the guests in a corridor as Paul told us a little about this part of the building. The lights had been turned off in the corridor, but Paul was holding a torch, which let out a decent amount of light, so it was easy enough to see our surroundings.

From where I was stood I could see along an adjoining corridor that lead to the chapel. This was before the ghost hunt actually began, so I wasn't expecting to witness anything, but totally unexpectedly I suddenly saw something. A human-sized, grey mass appeared about 1.5 meters into the opening of the corridor opposite me. It was human-sized, stationary and it appeared to be floating above the ground.

Shocked by what he had witnessed, Steve drew a sketch of what he had seen with as much detail as possible, so not to forget.  

Full artical by Steve Higgins can be found at HiggyPop

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