UK Ghost Hunts under new ownership
Monday 4th April 2022

Under new ownership, UK Ghost Hunts is introducing new locations and experiences to its already extensive portfolio. This exciting development means that guests can look forward to exploring previously uncharted haunted territory, adding a fresh twist to their ghost hunting adventures. By expanding the range of locations available, UK Ghost Hunts is catering to a wider audience and providing more options for those seeking paranormal experiences. The new locations and experiences are sure to provide an even more thrilling and unique experience for those interested in the supernatural.

In 2024, UK Ghost Hunts will be introducing even more exciting locations to its lineup. These new locations are yet to be announced, but they are sure to offer plenty of intrigue and mystery for those brave enough to explore them. The anticipation of discovering these new haunted locations is sure to draw in even more ghost hunting enthusiasts, eager to experience the thrill of the unknown. UK Ghost Hunts is committed to providing the most exciting and unique ghost hunting experiences possible, and these new locations are sure to deliver.

In addition to the new locations, UK Ghost Hunts is also offering access to some of the most haunted locations in the UK. These locations have been carefully selected for their history and reputation for paranormal activity, providing an opportunity for participants to explore some of the most haunted places in the country. From grand mansions to eerie prisons and castles, UK Ghost Hunts offers a diverse range of locations to satisfy any ghost hunting enthusiast's curiosity. The chance to explore these locations and potentially encounter supernatural activity is sure to provide a spine-tingling experience that participants will never forget.


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