Paranormal vs Pareidolia you decide!
Saturday 21st October 2023

What is the difference between a Paranormal experience and a case of Pareidolia?

Well the expects conclude that Paranormal refers to experiences or phenomena that cannot be explained by science or reason and are believed to have supernatural causes or origins. This can include ghost sightings, telekinesis, or spiritual communication. On the other hand, pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon wherein people see patterns or objects in random stimuli, such as seeing a face in a cloud or a phantom when none actually exists. While paranormal experiences may involve supernatural elements, pareidolia is a normal human tendency that can often be explained scientifically.

 According to an article on Mental Floss, pareidolia can occur when our brains try to make sense of random sensory inputs by creating patterns, such as seeing familiar shapes or faces in clouds or textured surfaces. In contrast, paranormal experiences are usually attributed to spiritual entities or events beyond the scope of scientific explanation.

Overall, while both paranormal experiences and pareidolia can involve seeing things that are not actually there, the difference lies in the causes behind them. Pareidolia is a normal human tendency driven by the brain's need to find patterns, while paranormal experiences often involve beliefs in supernatural events or entities.

Paranormal or Pareidolia You Decide

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