When guests such as yourself are selecting a haunted location, it is fantastic to read about what others have already experienced during their time at their event. If you could take a little time to send us your experience on one of our events this would really help other guests to make their choices. We know it may not be the same experience for every location, but ghost hunting is like that.

With so many returning customers we are so lucky to have so many fantastic reports of their experience, but we want you to know that all feedback is welcome and will really help us to continue to improve.

If you would like to send us a testimonial for an event you have attended please use our contact form

Ghost Hunt at Stanley Palace

Thank you for a great night

~ April L ~
Ghost Hunt at Walton Hall

Amazing night last night! Lots of activity and was just incredible

~ Cat G ~
Ghost Hunt at Walton Hall

Amazing night lots of evidence from spirit, very active

Great team to work with too, looking for the next event to book ? xx

~ Adele L ~
Ghost Hunt at Walton Hall

A great evening. Captured some amazing evidence

~ Howard D ~
Ghost Hunt at Walton Hall

Loved Walton hall, such a beautiful place. Thanks to everyone for making it a great night.

~ Claire G ~
Ghost Hunt at Walton Hall

Incredible night!

~ Charlotte L ~
Ghost Hunt at Revesby Abbey

We both had a great time and enjoyed ourselves very much

~ Donna A ~
Ghost Hunt at The Galleries of Justice

Can’t believe how active the ouija boards were last night - and that both groups got the word queue within a few minutes of eachother. Definitely one of my favourite ghost hunting venues ??

~ Lorna H ~
Ghost Hunt at The Galleries of Justice

Enjoyed a great night thank u ??

~ Caroline L ~
Ghost Hunt at Alcester War Memorial Town Hall

This has to have been the best investigation I've done. The activity was phenomenal...from tables tipping violently to planchettes going on end.

~ Jane M ~
Ghost Hunt at Ripon Workhouse

Ripon Workhouse was an incredible location that saw some amazing activity, with on-command responses with trigger objects in all areas. I also had personal messages come through whilst automatic writing. If I was to write about all the activity that I experienced on the night, this review would be at least three pages long! I highly recommend this location, as well as the amazing staff, Helen and Emily, who were working on that investigation. Thank you UK Ghost Hunts

~ Jamie L ~
Ghost Hunt at Belgrave Hall

Had a wicked night. Thank you

~ Emily B ~
Ghost Hunt at Belgrave Hall

What a fantastic evening ? and what fantastic hosts

~ Michelle B ~
Ghost Hunt at Belgrave Hall

Really enjoyed the night especially the table tipping

~ Karen R ~
Ghost Hunt at Belgrave Hall

Such a good night with lots of activity,

~ Helen R ~
Ghost Hunt at Strelley Hall

Had the best birthday ever with spirits you folks, thank you so much UK Ghost Hunts ?

~ Adam G ~
Ghost Hunt at Bishton Hall

Was a great night, Vicky & Lou were amazing. Really made the night. Highly recommend

~ Clare P ~
Ghost Hunt at The Falstaffs Museum

Great night thank you

~ Claire B ~
Ghost Hunt at the National Emergency Services Museum

Was a great night, thank you.

One of the best ghost hunts we have been on.

~ Lucy P ~
Ghost Hunt at the National Emergency Services Museum

Such a great night thank you.

~ Tracy M ~

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