Ghost Hunting Events – Become the Paranormal investigator for The Night

UK Ghost Hunts bring you paranormal and ghost hunting events from one of the most experienced ghost hunting groups around the UK.

Join The UK Ghost Hunts Team on an investigation in some of the most haunted locations around the UK, from majestic manor houses and haunted hospitals to petrifying prisons and chilling castles.

UK Ghost Hunts use an array of methods and experiments during structured vigils to make contact with the spirits, from modern techniques such as gadgets and voice recorders, to more traditional methods of contacting spirit, which include Ouija boards, table tipping , dowsing and human pendulum.

Be the investigator as you try to capture proof of the paranormal and experience the thrill of a ghost hunt. Our events bring you closer to paranormal activity than you’ve ever come before.

Our paranormal investigations give you a unique opportunity to experience ghost hunting first hand whilst working alongside our experienced and professional team.

What or who will you encounter?