Alcester War Memorial Town Hall Ghost Hunt - Alcester, Warwickshire
Do you have what it takes to spend the night inside this 500 year old building?

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Alcester War Memorial Town Hall is a magnificent Grade1 listed building situated in the heart of the historic Roman town of Alcester, Warwickshire. Notorious in the local area for the countless reports of paranormal activity within the building dating back to the 1900s, this is a ghost hunt not for the feint hearted!

Dating back to 1618 the building was originally commissioned as a market hall and was constructed from stone but later in 1641 a timber framed upper floor and magnificent roof was added, with the upper rooms being converted into a local court which tried tradesman for trading goods that weren't up to scratch. The hall's eerie basement housed a prison known as 'The Hole' and was once used to hold the outlaws and criminals of Alcester. 'The Hole' is still in place today and remained the town lock up until 1850 when a local police station was opened at Henley Street.  Staff have reported items seemingly moving of their own accord from one place to another within the building accompanied by unexplainable loud bangs and thuds.

The town stocks were stored here and are on display on the ground floor, the stocks are supported on four iron wheels to allow them to be wheeled through the streets of Alcester for any undesirable of the town that needed to be publicly humiliated. Strange mists have been witnessed filling the ground floor of the hall along with drastic temperature changes and a heavy feeling of being watched. During the Great War the hall was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers and townspeople. Full apparitions of soldiers in period dress have been witnessed on the upper floors of the building gazing out from the windows. Do you dare to sit a while in complete darkness in ‘The Hole'? What spirits that haunt this historical hall will be watching you and make themselves known?

Join us if you dare!

Alcester War Memorial Town Hall Ghost Hunt

Ghosts of Alcester Town Hall

As you walk into the Hall the atmosphere changes almost immediately and you are overcome with the feeling of being watched. Staff have reported objects moving on their own in front of their eyes as well as objects moving around the hall and being found in places they shouldn’t be. Around the ground floor area mists have been reported to appear and disappear as quickly as they came, sharp temperature drops are a regular occurrence and heavy footsteps and loud thuds being heard in empty rooms.

Full apparitions of soldiers in period dress have been witnessed on numerous occasions by passers-by on the upper floors of the building gazing out from the windows as if looking for something.

With so much reported activity in one place who or what will you discover?

History of Alcester War Memorial Town Hall

In 1618 the Lord of the Manor of Alcester, Sir Fulke Greville III, provided the sum of £300 for the building of a market hall building.

Originally the whole building was to have been constructed in stone, but this was found to be too expensive. The timber-framed upper floor, with its magnificent roof, was constructed at the later date of 1641. The date is carved on one of the roof beams to the west side of the hall and it has recently been confirmed by tree-ring dating of the timbers.

They also jailed offenders in the basement prison known as The Hole, which still exists today. Its massive oak door with iron bars is now on display in the main ground floor room. The cell was still in use as the town lock-up until about 1850 when a new police station opened in Henley Street.

In the mid-19th century, it housed the town’s fire engine. In 1870 the roof was modified into the “hammerbeam” form seen today, although for a time it was concealed by a false ceiling. By this time the old market had ceased, so in 1873 the Marquess of Hertford (whose family had become Lords of the Manor in 1813) enclosed and converted the ground floor for use as the town’s magistrate’s court.

During the Great War the hall was used as a hospital and in 1919 the town of Alcester raised £640 by public subscription to purchase the freehold of the hall from the 7th Marquess of Hertford. It was renamed The Alcester War Memorial Town Hall in memory of those who had given their lives for their country.

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