Norton Priory Ghost Hunt - Runcorn, Cheshire
Norton Priory has a mysterious and haunting history dating back almost 1000 years

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Norton Priory in Runcorn has a haunting history dating back almost 1000 years. Hidden away in a secluded woodland, the ancient abbey is home to many medieval artefacts. The undercroft and upper gallery is where much of the paranormal activity is said to take place. Norton Priory is now a scheduled ancient monument and considered to be the most important monastic building in Cheshire.

Ghosts of Norton Priory

Norton Priory is one of the most excavated monastic sites in Europe. During these excavations, 49 stone coffins have been unearthed along with 130 skeletons, mostly of males aged between 36 and 45. The causes of death were many, including leprosy, tuberculosis and rickets.

At least 10 deaths were caused by severe fractures to the head and neck area. One of the skeletons was that of a pregnant woman and the coffin also held the remains of a 34 week old baby. Have these numerous gruesome discoveries had an impact on the increased paranormal activity?    

History of Norton Priory

Norton Priory is a Grade I listed building which is situated on the edge of Runcorn and it was once home to a medieval church and it is the most excavated monastic site in Europe.

In the 12th Century the priory was founded and by 1391, it was raised to the status of an abbey. The Dutton Family who supported and engaged with the monastic site until 1536 when it became part of the dissolution of the monasteries. It then changed to become home for Sir Richard Brooke who built a Tudor house on the side, incorporating parts of the abbey. 

This was then later replaced in the 18th Century by a Georgian House. In 1928 it was partially demolished after the Brooke family left the house. 

In 1966 the site was given in trust for the use of the general public and excavation of the site began in 1971. The excavation revealed the foundations and lower parts of the monastery walls and the abbey church. 

Norton Priory, as it stands today is cared for by an independent charitable trust.

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